Together with Meet Maastricht, Lumière Cinema and Video Power CineSud offers a dynamic and cinematographic evening for our international community! You will have the chance to watch a series of short films and participate in Q&A session afterwards with some of the filmmakers. In the end of this evening, you can have a drink, provided by CineSud.

Day of Film

Since 2014 we organize a special screening of films together with a variety of partners. Next to screenings, there are Q&A’s, networking activities and workshops. For this special screening we focus on our international community, offering them a dynamic program with documentaires, fiction films and experimental videos.

Day of Film Festival 2018

20:00 - 22:00
Short films incl. Q&A

All There Is (2015, Jeroen Mourmans, 7 minutes)

In a world that’s completely destroyed, a father struggles not to give in to his ever growing desperation in front of his young daughter, while she on the other hand is running out of ways to make him stop worrying and show him there is still hope.

Present for Q&A.

Paper Paradise (2017, Eva van Roekel, Floor de Bie, 28 minutes)

Colombian Jenny and Dutch Dion want to live together in the Netherlands, but Jenny doesn’t have a residence permit. To rebel against the rules they live 50 ms across the Belgian border. What seemed the solution slowly changes into a bureaucratic nightmare.

Present for Q&A.

Homeless for a Week (2016, Cas Beijers & Guido Zeegers, 20 minutes)

Cas and Guido want to experience what it is like to be homeless, and decide to live on the streets between Christmas and New Year. Soon, their motto ‘the plan is no plan’ gets them in trouble…

Present for Q&A.

XSSgranted:geniusLoci (2017, GVN908, 18 minutes)

xssGRANTED:GeniusLoci shows the spreading of a computer virus. In a future where bodies are connected via cloud-based-prosthesis, a hacker group takes control of brains and hearts. To them bodies are nothing but gates to be used to travel amongst online and offline realms. What remains of our identity when disembodied entities are unnoticeably possessing it and steering the ship? In a world of armoured encryption and anonymous users, how can one build trustworthy relationships?

Not present for Q&A.

Kalinka (2017, Remy Kooi, 5 minutes)

While only focussing on his tetris-game, our protagonist doesn’t seem to notice that the game is taking over reality. Game over?

Present for Q&A.

Laura Laura Laura (2016, Michiel Ubels, 7 minutes)

The brightly colored short film Laura Laura Laura is about intimacy in the digital world. A young man is sitting in the train and he is about to meet his internet date for the first time in real life. Nervously he reflects on all their digital conversations. He has doubts about the way he has presented himself and he distrusts the digital presentation of the girl. In a flow of thoughts full of uncertainties, he explores the friction between vulnerability and the rapid interactions through new forms of online communication. (suitable for +18)

Present for Q&A.

22:00 - 00:00
Networking drinks

Join us for a drink. CineSud offers the first one for free!

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