The film festival where everything new is fundamental! On November 16 and 17, 2018, CineSud is organizing the fourth edition of the SHIFT Film Festival for filmmakers and audiences. Watch, listen, learn and inspire at many workshops, masterclasses, screenings and more.

  • Discover the trends of now and the future
  • Go to the networking events or have 1 on 1 conversations with experienced filmmakers
  • Join the unique FilmCampus with personal coaching and take your film to the next level
  • Meet talented new filmmakers or screen your film at the festival
  • Enjoy short films and specials

SHIFT Film Festival is focused on a new perspective in the film world: shift in perspectives. Have there been any changes for women in the film world post #metoo? Can mobile phone films be regarded as art? The program is full of workshops, masterclasses, evaluation possibilities, in-depth discussions and short films at the Official Competition.


The Official Competition will be announced in September. Below you will find the program of the FilmCampus and the various workshop which you need to register for. Here are some highlights of SHIFT 2018: one-on-one scriptsession and Directing Actors Masterclass by no other than Joost van Ginkel, a panel discussion about the representation of women in film, the avant-premiere of CineSud Talent film and a two-day FilmCampus with workshops by a director and screenwriter Edwar Stelder (Heaven on Earth), a filmmaker and producer Paul Ruven (The Bombing), an editor Annelies van Woerden (A’dam – EVA), a producer Harro van Staverden (Phanta Basta!) and many others! And as always – the Official Competition where short films will compete for the Best Newcomer Award.

Info & tickets

You can purchase tickets and passe-partouts for the festival via the links in the programm-desciptions below. For workshops and masterclasses that require registration and/or selection, you can leave your data via RVSP. We will contact you regarding participation. Earlybird tickets are available until 31 October, after that the regular rate applies. CineSud members and friends benefit from discounts of up to 35%. If you buy tickets via our platform, you will benefit from benefits and discounts. Daily sales at the cinema are only at regular rates.

Extra advantage

  • With a public passe-partout you have access to Short Film Competition 1&2, CineSud Talent avant-premiere, networking drinks, Discussion (Film in Limburg or Women in Film post #metoo) and Made in Limburg films including Award Show.
  • With an industry passe-partout you have access to all public program events, as well as the FilmCampus, festival distribution workshop, networking lunch and discussion programs. You can sign up for the coaching sessions and upon selection you will receive a 50% discount on the stated rate in the program block below.

Being a member = free!

As a member* of CineSud you will receive a separate invitation with which you can go to the opening night including the CineSud Talent and networking drinks. Do you have questions about the tickets or a membership? Mail to (*minimum basic member)

Beforehand - Friday, November 2

19:30 - 22:00
Kick off 88 Hour Mobile Film Project

Come to the kick-off of the 88 Hour Mobile Film Project and make an unforgettable short film with one or more mobile devices within 88 hours. Your film will have its world premiere during the SHIFT Film Festival and you can win an Award. You also get free access to the opening night of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival on Friday November 2 and you get a passe-partout for the SHIFT Film Festival free of charge.

More info and registration via this link.

Dag 1 - Friday, November 16

10:30 - 16:30
FilmCampus: Pitch, Budget, Finance and Coaching

This year the FilmCampus consists of a various, one-day program in which new filmmakers can receive lectures and coaching by experienced professionals in the entire process of filmmaking. In the morning producers Harro van Staverden and Paul Ruven and CineCrowd-guru Jeltje Hillen will talk about pitching, financing and budgeting. In the afternoon Edward Stelder and Anna Pauwels will tell you the basics of a good script. Then a selected group of filmmakers sit down to work with their own short film idea at private table sessions with Edward and Anna.


10.30-11.30 Pitch Coaching (Paul Ruven)
Director, screenwriter and producer Paul Ruven (Talent United) speaks about the basics of a good pitch. How do you sell your idea? How do you convince financiers?

11.30-12.30: Budgeting and Financing (Harro van Staverden)
From idea on beer mats to bite-sized budget: producer Harro van Staverden (Phanta Basta!) explains in this master class how to budget a film. He also gives an overview of possible financiers who you can approach immediately to.

12.30-13.00: Crowdfunding (Jeltje Hillen)
Crowdfunding can no longer be ignored in the film world. Large productions also increasingly demand contributions from the public. What is involved in setting up a campaign and what are success factors and inside secrets?

13.00-14.00: Networking Lunch

14.00-14.30: Script Development: the Basics (Edward Stelder and Anna Pauwels)
In this short lecture, screenwriter Edward Stelder (Bluff, Heaven on Earth) and Anna Pauwels (Heavily Enamored, Soof: a new beginning) discuss how you can develop an idea into a script. What are the keystones, where do you build your story and what about, for example, the genre, characters, dialogues and the setting?

14.30-16.30: 1 on 1 Short Film Project Coaching (max 5 pages) – Edward Stelder & Anna Pauwels
In a group of maximum 4 participants, coaches Edward Stelder and Anna Pauwels will discuss the submitted film plans of the participants. If you want to participate, please send the following to

  •    a motivation / director’s vision of a maximum two pages;
  •  a tagline, logline and synopsis;
  •    intended duration and format (television, cinema, web, etc.);
  •    a short treatment (up to 2 pages) or a description of your idea;
  •    concrete questions for the coaching and a preferred coach.

Please send a project of 5 pages as one pdf with filename: filmplan_ (name participant) (you can use free online tools: PDF creation, combined PDF, etc.). You can send your script as an attachment, but unlike the 1-on-1 Script Session by Joost van Ginkel (see below) this is not what will be discussed at coaching.

We will contact you as soon as possible whether your plan has been selected for participation.

You can register for the whole day of FilmCampus (including coaching), or for the public program until 2.30 pm. FilmCampus morning program including lunch and script development: the basics costs € 35 (excl. VAT). Up to 30 participants. 

The cost of the entire program, including coaching: € 69 (excluding VAT). Maximum 4 participants.

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.

10:30 - 16:00
Coaching: 1-on-1 Script Session (Joost van Ginkel)

Joost van Ginkel discusses participants’ film plans and a script (a maximum of 12 pages). If you want to participate, please send the following to before October 16th, 17:00.

  •    a motivation / director’s vision of a maximum two pages;
  •    a tagline, logline and synopsis;
  •    intended duration and format (television, cinema, web, etc.);
  •    a short treatment (up to 2 pages) or a description of your idea;
  •    concrete questions for the coaching.

Please send a project of 5 pages as one pdf with filename: filmplan_ (name participant) (you can use free online tools: PDF creation, combined PDF, etc.). In the attachment, please send your script (maximum 12 pages), which Joost will prepare in detail for the coaching.

Costs: € 69 (excluding VAT). 50 minutes are reserved per participant. Up to 6 participants. You will receive a message a week after submitting your project whether your project has been selected for participation.

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.

11:00 - 12:30
Workshop: Festival Distribution (Sydney Neter)

In the Festival Distribution workshop you will learn all about how to set up a strategy for the distribution of your latest (short) film. What are dos and don’ts? What should you pay attention to? How do you determine your strategy? What does a distribution kit look like? These and many more questions are addressed in the one-hour workshop.

Costs: € 12.50 (excl. VAT). Up to 20 participants.

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.

13:00 - 14:00
Networking lunch

Join the networking lunch and expand your network while enjoying some good foods.

Industry guests who join the lunch are – amongst others – sales agent Sydney Neter, producer Harro van Staverden, director and producer Paul Ruven, script-writers Edward Stelder and Anna Pauwels and CineCrowd.

10 tickets in pre-sale, other available seats on invitation only. 

Buy your tickets / RVSP here.

14:00 - 17:00
Workshop: SH*T or SHIFT?

In the SH*T or SHIFT workshop, filmmakers who have completed a short film in 2018 are given the opportunity to receive honest and valuable feedback from experienced, internationally successful and frequently prize-winning producers. Paul Ruven from Talent United and Harro van Staverden from Phanta Basta! engage in a 20-minute session with a filmmaker to discuss the opportunities and possibilities in the film business based on filmmaker’s film. What should you pay attention to next time? What would be a logical next step?

Participants must submit a link to their film and a motivation/ambition letter of max. 1 A4 till October 26th, stating their ambitions in the film profession and which challenges they would like to overcome (e.g. network, contacts, financing, etc.). Send this to You will hear as soon as possible after submitting whether you have been selected.

Costs: € 35 (excl. VAT). You only pay when you are selected. Maximum of 14 participants.

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.

18:00 - 19:30
Films | Official Competition 1 incl. Q&A

Shift in Affection 

  1. Aloneness (2018, Austria, Michael Schmidl)
  2. Jane Dog (2017, Belgium, Koen Blauwblomme)
  3. Genekt (2018, Belgium, Larry Erens)
  4. The Silence of Cicale (2018, Germany, Veronika Schroberer)
  5. Pale Blue Me (2017, Austria, Theresa Haas & Maurice Miller)

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20:15 - 22:00
Films | CineSud Talent 2018 Avant-Premiere including Pitching Contest

Every year CineSud Talent selects three promising short film projects and filmmakers get a year-long coaching and a budget to make their project. This evening there is a exclusive (closed) premiere of three short films:

The Salmon and You – Raynor Arkenbout
Sovereign – Remy Kooi
Wild – Jan Verdijk

Selected filmmakers will also pitch a new film idea for which they can win money from CineSud.

Afterwards we celebrate the premiere at networking party.

Access only by invitation.

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.


22:00 - 01:30
Film Party 2018

We welcome you to celebrate avant-premieres of the films and the stunning film year 2018!

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.

Day 2 - Saturday, November 17th

10:30 - 16:30
Masterclass: Directing Actors (Joost van Ginkel)

Together with Joost van Ginkel and professional actors you will work on your own script while two or three scenes will be worked on and analyzed. You will be directing actors who will be performing the scenes from your script under supervision of Joost van Ginkel. Through this approach you will understand your script and vision and you can adjust key elements in your script. You will also get more grip on dialogues, characters and drama.

Costs: € 249 (excl. VAT). Up to 3 participants.
Interested to join the masterclass? E-mail to



11:30 - 12:30
Coaching: Meet the Programmer

Did you send in your film for the SHIFT Film Festival 2018 or Euregion Film Festival 2018 and are you curious about how a programmer works? Or do you just want to talk to a festival programmer? Then sign up via and have a conversation with the programmer of our festivals this year: Oleksandr Husiev. Oleksandr has judged and curated various festivals. He was FIPRESCI jury member at the International Film Festival in Locarno (2013) and FIPRESCI jury member at the Odessa International Film Festival (2015).

Entrance is free. Register via 15 minutes are reserved per participant.


12:30 - 14:00
Networking Lunch

Have a lunch and talk to the filmmakers and special guests of the festival.

10 tickets in pre-sale, other available seats on invitation only. 

Buy your tickets / RVSP here.


13:30 - 15:30
Coaching: Final Cut! - Analysis of your Montage

Have you always wanted to get an honest and straightforward feedback on the edit of your short film? (maximum 25 minutes) The editor Annelies van Woerden is here for you to give all the feedback! She tells you the good, but also not good points of your editing, so that you can enhance the edit or make your next film even better.

Costs: € 25 (excl. VAT). Send your film in a vimeo/youtube link to 20 minutes are reserved per participant.

Buy your tickets / RVSP here.

13:45 - 15:45
Film | Paradogma incl. debate

People who dare to question important themes today, are often silenced or labeled as suspicious and dangerous. Where once democracies valued and encouraged debate society is dividing itself with stark lines between the left, the right, the good or the bad. This is what Dutch documentary maker Marijn Poels experiencing in Paradogma.

What is strangling debate? How liberal is the West? Should we ignore or embrace other perspectives? A critical, thought-provoking journey through ancient tribal conflicts, in a new era wherein world views clash and free speech crumbles under pressure to conform.

Paradogma is the second part in the planned trilogy by Award-winning documentary filmmaker Marijn Poels.

After the screening Marijn Poels will debate with Leo Hauben (L1) and the audience on this topic and is available for Q&A.

Buy your ticket / RVSP here.

14:00 - 15:30
Discussion: Women in Film: Post #metoo

One of the most striking discussions in the film world in recent years has been the one about #metoo. In a panel discussion with Jennifer O’Conell (artistic director of the Women’s Film Festival, Assen), the department of Cultural Sciences at Maastricht University, film director Kim Hotterbeekx and  Maria Vatista from Meet Maastricht we will discuss current developments concerning the representation of women in the film world and culture and ask whether, thanks to this attention, a shift has actually taken place in the film climate.

  • What  is a current representation of women in the film world? Do we see the number of female leading roles and directors increasing in recent years?
  • How does hashtag activism work and what are the consequences of this on women in film?
  • Do female filmmakers get the same opportunities and salaries as men or not?

Costs: € 5 (excluding VAT). Discuss and watch.

Buy your tickets / RVSP here.

16:00 - 17:30
Films | Official Competition 2 incl. Q & A

Shift in Tolerance – 16:00 – 17:30

  1. Digital Trauma (2017, Netherlands, Maria Molina)
  2. ExO (2017, United Kingdom, Hiroki Yokoyama)
  3. Unspoken (2017, United Arab Emirates, Samia Badih)
  4. After Dawn (2017, Belgium, Nicolas Graux)
  5. Who Am I? (2018, Netherlands, Rose Hanawi)
  6. Fucking Cola (2018, Netherlands, Sophie van de Pol)
  7. Ready For a Baby (2017, Australia, Anastasia Dyakova)

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19:30 - 21:30
Films | Made in Limburg, incl. 88 Hour Mobile premières and Award Show

7:30 pm Hour Mobile Film Contest

88 Hour Mobile contest will kick off during Dutch Mountain Film Festival on November 2nd. In just 88 hours, filmmakers have to make a film made with their phone with the specific topic and an object. On November 17 we will screen the final result of this experiment!.

20:00 Made in Limburg premières

Tonight SHIFT Film Festival will screen avant-premières of different Limburg films: Voor Galg en Rad (Paul Haans & Jeroen Wielheesen), Tot Inkeer (Vincent Konings) and Belofte (Guido Coppis). Also we will screen Bronsttijd by Thomas Paschenegger, with in the leading roles two Limburgian actors (Maarten Brorens and Jacqueline Trip). 

21:00 Award show

A jury consisting of Edward Stelder, Anna Pauwels and Annelies van Woerden and a youth jury will announce the Best Newcomer and Best Euregion filmmaker!

21:30 Networking Drinks

Awards have to be celebrated, that’s why we close the festival with a drink!

Buy your tickets / RVSP here.

Continuous program November 16th & 17th

10:00 - 22:00
Virtual Reality Escape Room, Video installation and VR cinema

Throughout the festival you can go to our ongoing program for FREE:

  • Video installation ‘Silence’, a live and realtime experience of +-12 minutes, made by Celine Daemen (graduation production of Theater Academy).
  • Pop-up Virtual Reality Escape Room. Can you escape from the virtually created escape room? (made by students at Arcus College under the guidance of MediaINN) Make the official world premiere with this unique experience!
  • Virtual Reality Cinema: watch the best VR movies!

16.11 (18:00-21:00), 17.11 (14:00-19:00)

Nominees for Best VR Film

  1. The Train Hamasen (2017, Taiwan, Kuan Yuan Lai)
  2. This is Progress (2017, United Kingdom, Peter Collis, Jessica Driscoll)
  3. Perkons: A VR Rockumentary (2018, Cory McLeod, Latvia,Nieuw itemUnited States)

Tickets can be found here. If you have any questions contact us at