SHIFT Film Festival

Shift in perspectives!

  • The podium for new filmtalent
  • Special guest speakers and coaches
  • Interactive activities for the audience
  • The filmcampus of the Netherlands
  • The meeting place for filmmakers and audience
"Good and valuable film festival."
Nuri Akalin
"Veel variatie in films en workshops."
"Netwerken, leren en doen op één locatie."
Remy Kooi

Watch quality films by new filmmakers, attend special networking events, workshops, masterclasses and much more! Make a shift to your filmmaking skills!

“Be the one to make a shift in your perspective!”

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SHIFT Film Festival

SHIFT Film Festival is an annual film festival which focuses on new filmmakers, shift in addressed topics, filmmaking, culture and society.

What we perceive is our reality. Filmmakers tend to limit themselves as what they see becomes their truth. Perceptions are determined by what we value, experience, need or lack. They are determined whether we are informed or misinformed. Shift is what is needed to change our perspective. And this is what SHIFT Film Festival is about. Be free, be different, do not be afraid, be in charge of your own life and make shifts to the world!

Whether you are a new filmmaker or a professional one, SHIFT Film Festival offers a dynamic and high quality festival experience, with films from over the world, inspiring workshops, lectures and more.

Moreover, SHIFT gives a podium to upcoming talent by inviting filmmakers to the festival, organizing special networking events and workshops, so that they can make shift in their way of filmmaking, collaborate with each other and create new projects.

We are constantly seeking for productions and professionals that set changes in the world. Be the one to make a shift in your perspective!

2018 Edition: 16-17 November

Every year, hundreds of films are submitted to the SHIFT Film Festival. It has ensured that our programming has been particularly high in recent years. We want to keep it that way and look forward to your film. You can submit your movie by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

You can find the complete program of the fourth SHIFT Film Festival from September 2018 here:

Dutch program | English program 

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