About CineSud

CineSud is the choice film platform of Limburg, for everyone. This region is a fantastic film location and home to many talents. We help to further develop that talent, we bring creators and audience together and we continuously organise events for film talent as well as film lovers. There is much more to creating a film than a camera and an actor, of course. That is exactly why it is so important that all facets, disciplines and creators and audience come together and sample all the opportunities this region has to offer. And that is exactly what CineSud strives to do, day in day out.
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"Ik ben een groot fan van CineSud."
Pieter Kuijpers

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CineSud is the platform where media and film professionals that live or (want to) work in Limburg and the surrounding Euro region of Muese-Rhine can get to know each other, exchange expertise and experiences and strengthen their network. The sharp increase in the number of productions landing or shot in the region makes it increasingly appealing for creators outside the region to join the network.

The organisation annually organises many events, workshops, masterclasses and other activities for both creators and audience. By investing in talent development and education, working on relevant projects and safeguarding a qualitative production environment, CineSud is a catalyst of ambition and (film) talent. The focus lies on personal coaching and support, sharing knowledge and collaboration, and connecting audience and creators.

CineSud offers the necessary knowledge and tools to excel for and with its members and the industry. CineSud is more than a normal networking platform. Members enjoy many benefits and services and connect to each other both online and offline during the many events that are organised, such as network meetings, workshops, masterclasses and festivals. CineSud helps members to develop their talent, making productions and making the most out of their opportunities, with an integral method, process consultation, coaching and mediation. This is how CineSud provides a high value for money.

To CineSud, film is more than just fiction films or documentaries. Anyone working in the audio-visual field is welcome. Whether you are a professional creator, a student, a festival director or an aficionado, we all need each other.


The organisation

Starting January 1, 2016, CineSud endorses the Governance Code Culture. The board model has been selected as management model. The board consists of three members (chairman, secretary and treasurer). The board members are appointed statutorily for a period of 3 years and may be reappointed (indefinitely). The foundation collaborates with many partners and freelancers and is managed by a daily organisation.

The mission

It is about you

CineSud consciously opts for a bottom-up approach. The needs of you as creator are the leading principle. The activities resulting from these are shaped by concrete activities in the field of our core activities (network, events and coaching), which are often woven together to achieve the best result. Your input is gathered annually at two fixed moments: during the industry meeting ‘Film in Limburg’ in the spring and with a digital survey in the fall. In addition, we work together with or for you all year long and take stock of the needs that way as well.

It does not matter whether you are young or old, experienced or less experienced. Everyone is welcome and we are happy to help you make the right steps forward. To achieve this, we collaborate with dozens of partners in the field and we have developed a model in which talent is offered the best opportunities for growth.

Film is more …

than just fiction or documentary. If we say film, we mean all visual media. In every form and every genre. That includes photo or radio documentaries, company films, animations and web series. More than ever, film is movement. Not only in image, but also regarding technology, content, screening and distribution. This requires a dynamic and innovative approach. That is what we provide.

Visibility and collaboration
Simultaneous with the real-life launch of the platform in the fall of 2011, the digital profile database also went online. This seamlessly matched the objective of CineSud: improving the film and media industry in Limburg by improving the mutual collaboration as well as the collaboration with other regions. By using the digital database and the events, many different creators easily get in touch with each other, exchange experiences and establish new collaborations. Important themes for the foundation are visibility, collaboration and sharing knowledge.

Quality with a personal approach
CineSud has become the choice platform where media and film professionals that live or (want to) work in Limburg and its surrounding region can get to know each other, exchange expertise and experiences and improve their mutual collaboration. In the years since CineSud started its operations, the foundation has grown into an internationally recognized and acknowledged organisation in the field of film with a qualitatively high offer of events, educational possibilities, talent development initiatives. CineSud is also the office and network for film in Limburg and the triangle of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, both regionally as point of contact and outwardly as promotor of the region on many international and domestic venues. You are always the focal point of these activities and a cup of coffee is always ready for you.

Structure and structural
We want to further expand the now solid foundation and ensure that we can structurally provide structural opportunities for you as creator. Whether you are a student, just graduated or are already employed in the film industry (or have been for years). In recent years, thanks to uniting our industry by means of CineSud, we have achieved numerous successes; for example, we launched the Limburg Film Fund, the Limburg Film Commission and the start of various festivals. We would love to continue to give shape to this rise together with you.